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With the Internet and the huge amount of data available in it, what is the best way to comb your search through the zillions of data that is multiplying every minute of the day?
When searching for any specific information or website, nobody remembers or would even try to remember specifics of any given URL. It’s all keyword based search. And that’s where SEO comes in action. Now Google search paradigm is all based on hyperlinks. You search for any given data and get a number of website links available to you. What if you were to promote your website and one source to do that is by another website itself? That’s how the Backlink works. And that is what we here at Webomind Technologies strive to do.
Links have been a very essential way to build up relations, socially and now needless to say, same technique is being used to further promote the websites on an independent website platform. It is safe to say that Links are essential for increasing the traffic on your website and hence the popularity.
Methods Of Backlinking
Commenting: There are various discussion forums and commenting systems where people tend to comment and then refer whatever they are saying by placing a link to a website which contains a detailed explanation on which their comments are based.
Social Networking: Social Networking sites although appearing to be very promising for providing the traffic to sites by following the backlinks are not so successful for that matter. They strictly provide the ‘follow’ tag to only link user profiles or related WebPages and follow a ‘no-follow’ tag strategy for all the external unrelated WebPages.
Guest Posting : People are promoting their website by posting a piece of work or writing a guest article to help them get follow backlinks. However, recently Google marked the guest blogging as a spam activity. So, try posting as if it were not a guest post.
Google+ : Edit the ‘about’ tab’s story section and you can get a backlink from it. Edit the introductory section in the story section, which uses the basic HTML, code the ‘backlink’ into it and you can get traffic.